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Co-op Tree Planting Registration

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  2. Co-op Tree Planting Program Registration Form

    Forestry Division
    212 Canco Rd, Suite A
    Portland, ME 04103
    • 207-808-5400 •

  3. Please review the following planting site requirements before registering:

    • Planting space must be at least 3.5 ft x 4 ft and allow for any existing sidewalk to meet ADA standards (3 ft. width)
    • Minimum 10 ft. from intersections, utility poles, hydrants, driveways, and traffic signs or signals
    • Minimum 4 ft. from underground utilities (verified by Dig Safe System prior to planting). Private underground utilities, irrigation systems and dog fences are the responsibility of the property owner.
    • Setback (lawn) plantings must be visible to the public. Co-op trees will not be planted in side or back yards.
  4. Tree Purchased From:

  5. (In case we need help finding your tree)
  6. Please Note:
    Your chosen planting location must be marked for our review before June 1st.
    The planting location may need to be adjusted due to underground utilities.
    Co-op Program planting takes place during the month of June only.

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