Tree Planting

Tree Plantings occur every year during May and June only.

Our Forestry office receives a great deal of requests each season for new trees. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed time frame as to when your tree will be planted if you request a free tree. We do our best to fulfill all requests in a timely manner, but City resources, site suitability, and density of existing trees are all factors that affect the process.

If you request and pay for a tree to be planted through The Co-Op Tree Planting Program, however, we do try to plant those every May and June assuming there is enough room for the tree in the requested space. 

Co-Op Tree Program 

View more about this privately-funded tree program.

The Co-op Program is our most popular tree program. In this program, Portland residents can purchase a tree at one of our Co-Op Nurseries, and the forestry crew will pickup and properly plant the tree following program guidelines. 

  • Requirements: Planting permits are required for all planting within the street right of way. Dig Safe System is contacted by our staff on all city tree planting projects.

Tree Replacement Program

The Forestry Division reviews requests and plants trees as funding allows. The number of requests for city-funded trees exceeds the number of trees that we are able to plant. Priority is given to residential areas that have the greatest need and replacement trees. Written requests and multiple requests from neighborhoods or groups of residents are welcome and encouraged. This program is city funded.

Portland Tree Trust Program

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The Tree Trust Program is a ’public / private’ partnership designed to enhance tree planting along city streets, parks and public grounds. See Tree Trust page for more information. Donations to the Portland Tree Trust can be forwarded to:
Portland Tree Trust
212 Canco Road, Ste A
Portland, ME 04103

Capital Improvement Program / Street Reconstruction Project Planting

Working together with Public Works Engineering Section major construction projects often include replacement tree programs. Prior to construction, existing trees are evaluated and open spaces reviewed for tree planting. Tree replacement planting follows in the spring or early summer after project completion. 

Memorial Tree & Gift Tree Program

Trees may be planted in memory or as gifts in Portland’s Parks, Evergreen Cemetery, and along our public ways. Trees are planted between May and the end of June. plaque's, markers, or signs are not allowed to dedicate tree planting sites. View and submit the registration form online.