Thames st lot re-opens january 1, 2020 - $10 per day

oceangateway waterfront lot Re-OPENS APRIL 2020

**Enforcement of the Street Maintenance Parking Regulations Is Currently Suspended Until Further Notice**

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The Parking Division manages on and off street parking to support the safety and parking needs of residents, visitors, businesses, and other departments helping to make Portland a safe, livable, and economically vibrant city.

The consistent and fair enforcement of parking regulations, parking meter management, and the operation and oversight of parking garages and lots are the most visible ways in which we support the city’s mission of “Strengthening A Remarkable City-Building a Community for Life.” Through our assistance in traffic control during emergencies and special events to the administration of the school crossing guide program, we further enhance the public safety needs of our community. We aim to be responsive to the needs of our customers and co-workers, and we strive to provide excellent service at all times.

Parking Regulations

The information on this site is intended to assist you, the motorist, in understanding Portland’s parking regulations and to help you make the most suitable parking arrangement when visiting the city.

Commercial Area Streets

Streets in the commercial areas of the city serve many competing interests. Primarily designed for moving traffic, the general public, delivery trucks, taxis, and buses all vie for space making the urban street one of the most sought-after resources. Parking enforcement is vital to ensure this resource is used to the maximum benefit of the community.

Division Goals

We strive to:
  • Support the on-street parking system by equitably and consistently enforcing the parking regulations
  • Encourage compliance of the city's parking regulations
  • Promote traffic and pedestrian safety
  • Maximize the capacity of the existing parking supply through increased turnover
  • Protect access needed for commerce and public convenience, clear freight loading zones of all day commuters to allow adequate delivery space for commercial businesses, and provide for a more efficient delivery of goods and services
  • Enhance the quality of life in residential neighborhoods by keeping residential areas free of downtown commuters

Bicycle Parking

Click here for a map of bicycle parking locations in the City of Portland.